Farmhouse Improvements


To extend the house into the existing cowshed with kitchen/dining on the ground floor, with a master bedroom suite upstairs.
Very traditional externally because:
  • The existing walls of the cowshed are retained as much as possible.
  • The new stone walling is made to match with similar lime mortar.
  • The old cowshed steps are retained with the original doorways and window openings retained.
  • Welsh slate roof.
  • "Doll's House" dormer windows for the bedroom suite.
  • Bespoke wooden joinery painted two tone.
Very carefully planned internally because:
  • Space was in short supply - the site located between road and a little cliff.
  • The main laundry facility is upstairs near the bedrooms, where the laundry comes from.
  • At the rear there is a porch at first floor connected to a drying green on the hillside, again for the laundry.
  • The master bedroom ceilings slope almost all the way to the ridge, like a spacious tent.
  • Windows are arranged for best views.

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