Specification Writing


Specification writing is highly specialized and requires extensive knowledge of materials and construction techniques.

It also requires empathy with the architect's design intent and the ability to read drawings across all design disciplines including engineering.

We subscribe to the UK National Building Specification and carry out technical research for this role, which also includes co-ordinating with other design team members.
Working with leading practices
To say that R Emberton Architect is experienced in writing specifications would be a considerable understatement.

For the last 8 years this firm has been writing architectural specifications for BEAD Architects of Abu Dhabi. Their projects are often villas at the highest end of luxury, or else for example modern high rise residential towers.

We have carried out numerous specification assignments in the UK including the extension of Gorton Monastery for Eco Arc Architects.
Residential and Retail Tower, Abu Dhabi,
designed by BEAD Architects
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