Church Roof Repair


To draw up a repair scheme including new cast iron rainwater goods, and put it out to tender, organize the contract and supervise the work on site. Replacement material and repair to be kept to a reasonable minimum.
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This roof was repaired and re-slated 25 years ago under the direction of R Emberton : Architect at a cost of about £6,000. The Diocese reports that it remains sound and weathertight today, in this very exposed and wet location. It is therefore already proving a very cost effective roof and can be expected to go for further decades without much attention.

It is best to employ your architect to carefully specify and inspect repair work to get the best out of the materials, for durability and value.

Rod Emberton is highly experienced in dealing with historic buildings and is on the approved list of architects to work on churches in the Diocese of Chester.

  • Conservation of Historic     Buildings.
  • Competitive Tendering.
  • Site Inspections and Instructions.
  • Interim Valuations & Final Account.
Health and Safety note: these chaps were about to be reminded to put their safety hats on!
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